This is a Big Foam Snake (76" long"). Look here if you can't find your own.

You will make a small cut in the interior of the snakes mouth, just large enough

to insert the 3/8 " soft copper tubing ( approx. 18" or wherever you wish it to exit the snake).


A small cut was made at the point which you wish connect your 3/8" compression fitting to the

copper tubing.


Now for your last step. You will connect your air hose connection to your fitting using some

Teflon tape wrapped around the threads of the compression fitting you just attached.

Now you can attach this to you air source.

This would either be a manually operated air blower or even an air solenoid valve and event timer.

If you wish this to be a little more inactive, you could hook this to small fountain pump or a dishwasher pump

to get this big guy to spit venom on to unsuspecting guest!

Small movie file of operation is coming soon.