First choose your lantern.



Tools used-

Remove the glass globe and apply the etching compound

as per the instructions on the label.

I used an old paint brush and your preference to which way to brush.

Will depend on what effect you're looking for.

I had to this process twice to get the desired look I wanted.

This is the finished look of the globe.

Next, you'll need to remove the wick cover and the wick assembly.


We'll need to drill a hole into the side of the lantern. Where ever you want to.

Again depends on where you'll use it. This is set up so this can rest on a

table top.

Bad picture, sorry!

This is the treaded rod and nut. You'll put the nut on to the rod.

Now you'll need to put this piece onto the cord with the nut facing the plug end.
Lets start threading the cord into the hole that we just drilled out.
You'll precede to push the cord through the wick opening.

This is similar to what we did a couple of steps ago. This time we'll

place a washer between the 2 nuts and tighten leaving enough thread

on end to attach the socket.

Time to place this piece on to the cord. Leave enough room so that you

can flip this upside down to apply the epoxy.

Mix the epoxy as directed on the label then apply to the back side of the washer.

Push the cord and washer assembly back into the wick opening.

You may need to move the washer assembly around to make sure

you get the epoxy to make good contact.

Using a screw driver, file or what ever will fit, to hold the washer in place until is dries.

After the washer is secured we'll be putting the socket assembly

on to the threaded rod. After doing this you'll need to strip you wire

and attach them to the socket. Now put the cardboard protector

back on to the socket.

Now we'll need to secure the other threaded rod and nut to the

lantern. Doing the same thing we did with the washer assembly by

putting the epoxy on the back side if the nut. Pushing firmly, press

the nut on to the lantern.



With a file or grinding wheel, you'll need to trim the wick cover that you previously

removed. You'll need to make enough room in the cover to allow you to place it

over the socket.


Now lets place the globe onto the lantern. Depending on the size of

lantern you are using, smaller ones are easier to work with, put the

bulb into the socket. This can be a little tricky.

Lets go plug it in. Your finished lantern should look like this.

If you don't wish to do this, 10" lanterns already to go are available

at Frighteners Entertainment.


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