An FM broadcaster connects directly to the line output from your CD player/changer, or to one of the tape-out connections on your receiver.

It then broadcasts to any FM radio in your house or yard.

Depending on the model you choose and your location, range is 1/4 mile or more under optimum conditions.

Get your Haunt On the radio!


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You'll need to put the last couple of pieces in depending on what frequency you plan to broadcast on

Learn FM Basics!

* Tunable anywhere in standard FM band... 88 to 108 MHz
* Operates on 5 to 15 VDC
* Settable pre-emphasis 50 or 75 uSec for use anywhere in the world
* Easy to build, low cost transmitter, includes matching case set!

Here is a great entry-level kit that will teach the basics of FM Broadcast Transmission while finding many uses around the home or dorm room. The FM10C has plenty of power to cover your home, back yard, or city block. Our manual goes into great detail outlining all the aspects of antennas, transmitting range and the FCC rules and regulations. You’ll be amazed at the exceptional audio quality of the FM10C. Tunes through the entire 88-108MHz band in three separate ranges with a tuned LC circuit. Re-broadcast your favorite music commercial free and with the dynamic range the musician intended, without all that nasty compression the big boys use to make their station sound louder than the competition. Compression produces a noticeably muddier and less dynamic sound. The unit runs on internal 9V battery, external power from 5 to 15 VDC, or an optional 120 VAC adapter is also available. Includes the matching case & knob set for a professional finished look. Case size 5”W x 1½”H x 5¼”D


Optional power adapter

110 VAC Adapter for the FM10C


no additional shipping if ordered with FM10C

FM25B - Professional Synthesized FM Stereo Transmitter Kit

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All New Design!

* Synthesized 88 to 108 MHz for no frequency drift!
* Professional quality for exercise clubs, realtors, drive-ins
* Adjustable RF output power
* Microprocessor controlled
* The ideal campus or school radio station
* No annoying hum - even better stereo separation than the original!
* New design features Line In and Loop Out 1/8" Stereo jacks!
* New version features F style antenna output

Need professional quality features but can't justify the cost of a commercial FM exciter? The FM25B is the answer! A cut above the rest, the FM25B features a PIC microprocessor for easy frequency programming without the need for look-up tables or complicated formulas! The transmit frequency is easily set using DIP switches, no need for tuning coils or "tweaking" to work with today's digital receivers. Frequency drift is a thing of the past with PLL control making your signal rock solid all the time - just like commercial stations. The FM25B's real claim to fame however is the use of the latest cutting edge stereo generator on the market. The audio quality is excellent with amazingly good stereo separation to keep even the pickiest audiophiles happy! Connections are as good as they get; use the provided cable to interface with the line output of any CD player, tape deck, computer or mike mixer. Just build it, plug it in, and you're on the air!

Foreign buyers will appreciate the high power output capability of the FM25B; many Caribbean folks use a single FM25B to cover the whole island! New and improved with clean and hum-free running on either 12VDC or 110VAC with the supplied transformer. Comes complete with case set, whip antenna, 120VAC power adapter, 1/8" Stereo to RCA patch cable and of course the world famous Ramsey assembly instructions. You'll be on the air before you know it! Case size 5”w x 1 1/2”h x 5 1/4”d.


FM30 - Digital FM Stereo Transmitter Kit

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All The Features You Asked For...PLUS A WHOLE LOT MORE!

* PLL synthesized for drift free operation
* Front panel digital control and display of all settings and parameters
* Professional metal case for noise-free operation
* EMI filtering on audio and power inputs
* Super audio quality, rivals commercial broadcasts
* Electronic kit, assembly required
For nearly a decade we have been the leader in hobbyist FM radio transmitters. First we came out with our low cost FM10, the tunable FM transmitter that has set records as the most popular school, scouting, and first time hobbyist kit. Then we introduced the world famous FM25 series of FM transmitters. We took the basic concept of the tunable FM10, made it synthesized for rock solid and stable operation and gave it the features and performance that made it THE LEADER in low cost FM stereo transmitters. From there we introduced our FM100 series Super Pro FM Stereo Radio Station. We took the exceptional circuitry of the FM25 and built a stand-alone "radio station" around it, complete with microphone and line level audio mixers, digital control and display of operating frequency, higher RF power output options, and put it all in a professional case. To date, the FM100 series continue to be our #1 selling products!

NOW FOR 2005...
Introducing our new FM30 series transmitters! How could we make history better? First, we listened to thousands of our customers that loved the stability of the PLL synthesized FM25 series but wanted easy to change front panel control of the operating frequency and wanted to know what frequency they were transmitting on. They also wanted the capability of controlling the audio levels at the transmitter rather than changing the input levels. We thought those were very legitimate requests, and our response was to move up to the FM100 series. "But I don't need an audio mixer, I don't need all that fancy stuff built-in, I just need a small transmitter I can afford"! Here you go, designed from the ground up...the FM30 series!

The FM30 is designed using through-hole technology and components and is available only as a do-it-yourself kit, with a 25mW output very similar to our FM25 series.

The FM30 is designed around an RF tight vinyl clad metal enclosure for noise free and interference free operation. All settings are done without taking the cover off! Enter the setup mode from the front panel and step through the menu to make all of your adjustments. A two line LCD display shows you all the settings! In addition to the LCD display, a front panel LED indicates the PLL lock so you know you are transmitting. Besides frequency selection, front panel control and display gives you 256 steps of audio volume (left and right combined) as well as RF output power. A separate balance setting compensates for left/right differences in audio level. In addition to settings, the LCD display shows you "Quality of Signal" to help you set your levels for optimum sound quality. And of course, all settings are stored in the non-volatile memory for future use!

The design includes EMI filters on line level audio and power inputs, and a state of the art microstrip PCB inductor to reduce microphonics for the ultimate in alignment free operation. RF output is through a professional well shielded rear panel BNC connector for a perfect antenna match. Standard RCA connectors are used for left and right line level audio inputs.

The FM30 operates on a 13.8 to 16VDC and include a 15VDC plug in power supply. The stylish metal case measures 5.55"W x 6.45"D x 1.5"H and is a perfect match with your computer to broadcast your music files throughout your house. If you're looking for a super performer without all the features of our FM100 series transmitters, the new FM30 is for you! (Note: The end user is responsible for complying with all FCC rules & regulations within the US, or any regulations of their respective governing body).

Frequency Range: 87.9-108.1 MHz
Power Output: 0-25mW, BNC (FM30)
0-1.0W, BNC (FM35WT)
Audio Inputs: Line level left and right
RCA connectors
Controls: Power on/off
Digital Controls: Frequency, 256 step audio level, 256 step RF output level, 256 step audio balance, mono/stereo
Setup Digital Display: Setup frequency, setup audio levels, setup audio balance, setup RF output level, setup mono/stereo, save settings
Normal Digital Display: Frequency, RF power output, quality of signal
VCO Lock Display: Front panel LED
Power Requirements: 13.8 to 16VDC, 500mA max
Dimensions: 5.55"W x 6.45"D x 1.5"H


FM100B - Super Pro FM Stereo Radio Station Kit

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Complete, all-in-one Stereo Radio Station!

* Built-in mixer - 2 line inputs and one microphone input, line level monitor output
* Precision active low-pass "brick wall" audio filter
* Clean, filtered RF output suitable for RF amplification
* Frequency range 88.0 to 108.0 MHz, 100 KHz steps

Our FM100B is the updated version of a truly professional frequency synthesized radio transmitter station in one durable, handsome cabinet. It is used all over the world by serious hobbyists as well as churches, drive-in theaters, and schools. No one else offers all of these features at this price! The included frequency display and audio level meters assist in easy operation. The "B" version now includes some additional functionality including a line level monitor output, improved stereo separation, spectral purity, audio clarity, and adjustable RF Output.

Sound quality is impressive, and equal to or better than most commercial stations. Low pass input filtering plus peak limiters put maximum "punch" in your audio, and prevent overmodulation distortion. Churches, drive-ins, schools and colleges find the FM100B to be the answer to their transmitting needs... you will too. The kit includes a sharp looking metal cabinet, whip antenna, and built-in 110/220 volt AC power supply. An external antenna connection allows hook-up to high performance antennas like our vertical and colinear models. We also offer a high power export version of the FM100B that's fully assembled with one watt of RF power, for miles of program coverage. Many islands and villages use it as their local radio station! One watt units at full power cannot be used with the telescoping whip antenna and MUST be utilized with an external antenna to maintain proper VSWR.


TM100 - Tru-Match FM Broadcast Antenna Kit

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A Good Antenna...The Secret Behind GREAT Range!

We’ve been besieged with calls asking us where to get a good quality FM Broadcast antenna. Well, we put one of our best RF engineers to the task and came up with this killer of an antenna, we call it the Tru-Match 100. Why Tru-Match? Because matching your antenna to your transmitter is the single most important link in your transmitter set-up - and a good antenna and match is the secret to getting maximum range. When we say match we mean electrical impedance match... if the proper impedances are not maintained between transmitter and antenna, power is reflected back away from the antenna and back into the transmitter! This can cause the final amplifier stage to be damaged, not to mention a spurious signal and lousy range. In real commercial transmitter installations, it is not uncommon for the antenna matching equipment to actually be larger in size than the whole transmitter itself!

Our antenna kit consists of rugged pre-cut PVC pipe, antenna radiating elements and of course the proper matching assembly and is fully water-resistant when assembled. The antenna is easily mounted to any standard TV antenna mast like you can find at Radio Shack or K-Mart. A standard ‘F’ style coax connector is used, so that readily available, low cost RG-59 TV coaxial cable can be used for connection. And we even supply an RCA phono to F Male adapter for easy connection to any transmitter antenna jack. Total length of the antenna is about five feet, and it is easily mounted horizontally or vertically polarized - yes, we even explain in the manual the pluses and minuses for each. Maximum input power is now 25 watts. If you’re serious, and want a good signal, the TM-100 antenna is for you. You can put this antenna together in less than an evening!

STC1C - Stereo Transmitter Companion

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STC1C - Stereo Transmitter Companion

Factory Assembled & Tested with Case and Power Supply

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Distortion Free Audio Processing!

* Make your radio station sound like the pros... compares with units costing $500 to $700!
* Limiter/processor for that high density modulation ‘punch’
* 3 band audio processor - separate controls for Bass, Presence, and Brilliance

Your station’s image and degree of professionalism is defined by its sound quality. While we can’t make your jokes or witty announcing skills any better we can at least make the technical quality the best it can be! The STC1 connects easily between your CD player, mike mixer, or tape deck and the Radio Transmitter. If you like programming Rock music, crank up the Bass and Brilliance controls for some “sock-em” sound, Classical and vocal tunes come alive with a sweetening of the Presence control, monologues, commentaries and talk radio are benefited by Bass and Presence. Set the levels so that the Peak LED flickers a bit and you’re assured of perfect modulation without splatter or distortion! Low cost CD players that have poor filtering on the output are really cleaned up by the switched-capacitor low pass filtering in the STC1. Higher order harmonics and clock feed-through that causes annoying heterodynes and whooshing noises disappear. Operates on 9 to 15 volts DC. Includes the matching case & knob set for a finished look!

Optional power supply

110VAC to 12VDC 500mA Power Supply

no additional shipping if ordered with FM10C




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